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My Philosophy

My philosophy is to take the time to do the job right and make sure the customer is happy with the results.  At this stage of my life/career, I am not interested in having 10 jobs going at once and being stretched too thin to do the job right.  I will take the time to meet with you one on one and find out what you want / need to be done.

Our Approach

Our Story

My Story

My college degree from UMR was in Computer Science.  It is amazing the decisions you make as a 17 year old high school student.  I worked for McDonnell-Douglas and Anheuser-Busch for 25 years and then a smaller company here in Fenton for a couple of years, before going independent in 2010 doing IT work.  While this work was somewhat enjoyable, I was never really good at sitting at a desk all day long.  I started tackling Home Improvement projects at home, starting with a complete gut and rebuild of our only full bath in 1 week's time.  These tasks became increasingly complex up to completely gutting our kitchen and opening up our floor plan.  These Home Improvement tasks were incredibly rewarding, both financially and mentally.  As the college professors tell their students these days, "find your passion...'.  Well I have found mine!